digiKam Recipes 18.10.15 Released

It’s time for another digiKam Recipes update. The most visible change in this update is the new book cover. All screenshots were also updated to reflect changes in the current version of digiKam.


In addition to the visual tweaks, the updated edition features new material:

  • Use digiKam with a NAS provides detailed instructions on using digiKam with a NAS and migrating digiKam database backend to MariaDB/mySQL.
  • Use digiKam with an External Encrypted Storage Device explains how to prepare an encrypted external storage device and use it to store digiKam photo library and databases.
  • Run External Scripts on Files in digiKam demonstrates how to use the Open With command to run shell scripts from within digiKam.

You should receive the new revision through the service you originally bought the book from.

Learn more about digiKam Recipes, and buy the book via Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Store, or Gumroad.


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