Pygmyfoto 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of Pygmyfoto, a no-frills application for publishing a photo roll on the web, is now available on GitHub. The first stable release features a handful of new features and improvements added since the latest beta version of the application. The older 1.2.3 version of jQuery bundled with the beta release has been replaced with jQuery 1.7.2. The jQuery lightBox plugin has been replaced with the Lightbox2 plugin. The script features improved handling of EXIF metadata. Pygmyfoto now integrates the +1 button which can be used to share the published photos on Google+.

Pygmyfoto 1.0

Probably the most important improvement in Pygmyfoto 1.0 is the addition of the script which automatically processes photos placed in the uploads directory. Using this script, combined with a cron job, you can publish photos by simply putting them into the uploads directory.

Pygmyfoto 1.0 and its latest source code is available in the project’s GitHub repository. A demo of the latest version of Pygmyfoto is available for your viewing pleasure at

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