Simulate a Faded Effect in digiKam

Sometimes the best way to spice up a photo is to make it look faded, and digiKam makes it supremely easy to achieve this effect.

Open the photo for editing and choose Color → White Balance. Adjust exposure compensation to slightly overexpose the photo and set the color temperature to 12000 to add a strong golden tint to the photo. Press OK to apply the modifications. Choose then Color → Hues/Saturation/Lightness and set Saturation to -50. Press OK, and you are done. The described technique works particularly well with skin tones, so it’s suitable for use with portrait photos.

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  1. hoko says:

    These digikam feature/guide posts are nice and interesting but as a Planet KDE subscriber I have to go through to get here. Could it be possible to feed these directly to Planet KDE or display full articles at Thanks.

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